iSistemi is the brand under which Intermark Sistemi distributes IFP (Interactive Flat Panels) for the corporate and education sectors. The evolution of the digital world offers extraordinary opportunities in the convergence between audio/video devices for presentations and the webconference sector: iSistemi interactive displays respond to this challenge by integrating a large format screen, multi-touch interactivity, high-resolution camera, microphone array, wired and wireless connectivity, as well as the possibility of housing an Android or PC module to add new functionalities in a single product. The iSistemi brand is your new benchmark for all-in-one integrated interactive displays.


iSistemi / IFP writing pen – SW13

IFP writing pen – SW13


Additional pen for writing on iSistemi IFP displays.

Passive touch technology, equipped with a dual tip: a precision tip and a thicker tip on the back for making more visible strokes.

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  • Passive touch technology;
  • Precision tip;
  • Thick tip on the back;
  • No recharging required.

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